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SugerComaDoll [userpic]

Will's in a band again!! YAY!!! They have a show coming up. It'll be my first time seeing them.

Awww my first public post in years.

How am I feeling?: sleepysleepy
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

Man. It feels to be home again. Any Ani Difranco fans out there?

Gonna go out
To the arrivals gate at the airport
And sit there all day
Watch people reuniting
Public affection so exciting
It even makes airports ok
Watching children run
With their arms outstretched
Just to throw those arms
Around thei’r grandpa’s neck
Watching lovers plant kisses
Old men to their misses
At their arrivals gate

Watching a mother
With a mother’s smile
Don’t tell me to move
I just wanna sit here for a while
I have determined
It’s a sure cure for cancer
Watching excitement turn family dogs
Into dancers
At the arrivals gate

I just wanna drain my pink little heart
Of all it’s malice
And kick back for the afternoon
In this fluorescent palace

Everybody’s in a hurry
Here in purgatory
Except for me
I’m where I need to be

At the arrivals gate

How am I feeling?: happyhappy
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

This journal is friends only.
If you think I'm just so gosh darn fascinating go ahead and message me otherwise I won't know to add you.

How am I feeling?: mischievousin spider lurv
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

sug·ar ( P ) Pronunciation Key (shgr)
A sweet crystalline or powdered substance, white when pure, consisting of sucrose obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets and used in many foods, drinks, and medicines to improve their taste. Also called table sugar.
Slang. Sweetheart. Used as a term of endearment.

co·ma ( P ) Pronunciation Key (km)
n. pl. co·mas
A state of deep, often prolonged unconsciousness, usually the result of injury, disease, or poison, in which an individual is incapable of sensing or responding to external stimuli and internal needs.

doll ( P ) Pronunciation Key (dl)
A child's usually small toy having the likeness of a human.
A small replica of a person; used as a toy
An attractive person.
A woman.
A sweetheart or darling.
A helpful or obliging person

How am I feeling?: blankhere.
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

Made of plastic and elastic
he is rugged and long-lasting
who could ever ever ask for more
love without complications galore
many shapes and weights to choose from
I will never leave my bedroom
I will never cry at night again
wrap my arms around him and pretend....

coin operated boy
all the other real ones that i destroy
cannot hold a candle to my new boy and I'll
never let him go and I'll never be alone
not with my coin operated boy......

I ♥ this song.

How am I feeling?: draineddrained
I'm listening to: : dresden dolls - coin operated boy
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

How am I feeling?: hungryhungry
I'm listening to: : Nick Cave/Kylie Minoque - Where the Wild Roses Grow
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

Check your local listings because tonight on Animal Planet...the Animal X series will be about El Chupacabra. OOhhh SpoooOOoooky.

Clicky Clicky.

Also tonight.... HOUSE. *drool*

How am I feeling?: excitedexcited
I'm listening to: : the simpsons
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

I'm bored and made a chocolate death bunny. FEAR MY BUNNY!
Bunny and a picture of one of my frogs & Grendl the fish here.Collapse )

How am I feeling?: sillysilly
I'm listening to: : ozone - dragostea din tei
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

Today I got my double CD of A Portrait of Josephine Baker. First cd in french and the second cd in english.
OOhh sexy woman... you can dance naked with my bananas anyday!

*sigh* I ♥ old timey music. My Andrew Sisters cd should be coming in the mail soon.

How am I feeling?: happyhappy
I'm listening to: : j'ai duex amours - josephine baker
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

Lunch Money tonight at The Pig.
Start time is at 8:30. Bring your pennies and prepare to lose them...TO ME!!
Call me for details.

yes, this is code for a drug deal going down tonight. Shhhh

How am I feeling?: predatorypredatory
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

OOOhhh my second Murder City Devils cd just came in.
This is the only reason I miss my Pouder (ok, maybe not the only one.) Oh, Riverside boy.....I wonder how you're doing.

I ♥ you Spencer Moody

Ugh you know things are bad when you're dreaming about work! It's not even interesting. I'm dreaming about e-mailing costumers. God help me. =\

How am I feeling?: happyhappy
I'm listening to: : murder city devils - rum to whiskey
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

yes. a creepy ass movie

and the website for the Zombie Survival Guide I bought
The Zombie Survival GFuide. In the LINKS is a cool zombie simulator. Way creeeeepy!!

How am I feeling?: ditzyyeay!
I'm listening to: : audition
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

Ben is the bringer of good CDs.
♥ I owe ya!!

How am I feeling?: thoughtfulthoughtful
I'm listening to: : the killers
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

love this show. love this man. love the last episode.

How am I feeling?: giddygiddy
SugerComaDoll [userpic]

sight_unscene Is one hot bitch, I tell you what.

How am I feeling?: dorkydorky
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